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How Mattersight Uses Process Communication Model® Science to Improve Call Center Performance

Mattersight feels that, by combining personality science with automation, it's revolutionizing customer service. Mattersight's Chief Marketing Officer Jason Wesbecher told Business Insider that for year’s calls were indeed recorded, but only about 1% were actually listened to and analyzed.

Mattersight's goal is to look at that other 99%. In the past 10 years, Wesbecher said the company has listened to about one billion phone calls.

"We've built 10 million behavioral algorithms and language libraries that are firing on a second-by-second basis to identify all of these previously abstract attributes that we can now quantify and put into a spreadsheet," Wesbecher said.

Those attributes include your personality style, whether you're upset, whether the agent shows empathy, and how much effort the exchange takes.

"It's a big data science approach to every second of every customer service phone call," Wesbecher said.

When customers reach out to call centers, they're frequently in distress — maybe their credit card's just been stolen or they've got a $10,000 medical bill that their insurance apparently isn't covering.

The PCM posits that everyone acts differently when they're in distress, based on their dominant personality type. Call centers that use Mattersight's products presumably provide better service because they connect callers with agents who know exactly how to handle their particular distress style.

The result of Mattersight's intervention is typically twofold: Customers are happier because their needs get satisfied more efficiently, and agents are happier because their calls go much more smoothly. Both employee and customer satisfaction increases. Mattersight’s CMO, Jason Wesbecher, said a large technology company implemented the routing product and within the first 90 days of using it saw a 23% improvement in call efficiencies. Meanwhile, the number of people who said they were unlikely to recommend the service to someone else decreased by 20%. "It's phenomenal and also pretty fascinating that it was a personality connection that drove those results.", says Wesbecher.

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