Process Communication Model® Seminars

PCM Level 3: Practitioner Jan 22-23, 2019 in Bucarest, Romania

Take your Process Communication Model® skills to the next level with our new Level 3 Practictioner Workshop. Register now for this exciting workshop in Bucarest, Romania to be held January 22 and 23, 2019.

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Discover PCM Seminar

This seminar explains the participant’s personality structure, strengths, perceptions, motivational needs, and stressors. The focus of the seminar is on self, not assessing or interacting with others and is great for large groups to get an introduction into PCM principles. This active and engaging seminar blends concepts with practical exercises that illustrates how communication and stress management can be used to greatly improve your personal and professional life. All participants receiving an individual action plan based upon their personalized profile inventory.

Discover PCM Seminar
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How to Resolve Conflict

In this two day seminar you’ll dive into the practice of one of the best PCM tools—how to resolve conflict. The Process Communication Model® provides Adaptive Intervention Skills that help predict distress patterns and manage them in order restore a healthy, constructive & successful relationship. We will teach you these constructive conflict management strategies

High Performing Teams

This one to two-day program can be taught in four-hour modules and teaches teams how to process among themselves, stressing the importance of different personality types, psychological needs, perceptions and channels. The six major conflicts of groups are identified and formulas are presented to resolve them and enhance effective communication and productivity.

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PCM Training

The Selling Process

This training program is designed to teach salespeople how to use a process approach, establish rapport with the client through his/her base (perceptions), and determine why the person wants to buy by knowing his/her psychological motivation (phase). The program also explains how salespeople can keep their energies up and see their own predictable sales sabotages when they are in distress.

PCM Level 1
Core Topics

Participants will learn how to use communications skills more effectively in both business and personal relationships. This seminar will show you how to apply the principles of PCM in professional and personal environments, and interact efficiently with different personality types. You will also learn how to use the model to motivate yourself and others, recognise reactions to stress, predict distress behavious and develop skills to manage distress and invite others out of distress. The Process Communication Model® core topics seminar covers all of the fundamentals of the Model through didactic input, experiential exercises, group discussion and coaching on the application of the skills.

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PCM Level 2
Manage Distress and Motivation

Participants will further expore the Process Communication Model® and develop new skills for constructive conflict resolution, how to identify potential problems in relationships and how to find the best solutions. You will learn the types and stages of distress that leads to conflict, discover new insight into the deep structure of your own personality, apply tools for identifying the deep structure of another person's personality, and receive suggestions for resolving conflicts. During the seminar exercises, participants also receive coaching and feedback on the application of the skils for preventing and resolving conflicts, which can be used immediately after the training.

PCM Level 3

This advanced seminar is for those who wish to advance even further in developing themselves with PCM tools. The focus of this seminar is an in-depth exploration into distress behaviors and how to deal with failure patterns, Phase issues and 3rd degree masks. Participants will develop PCM resilience tools to enable them to take full advantage of all six floors of their personality condominium and maximize the development of their character strengths.